Polycom and Transition Systems Australia

We’re ahead on our sales, and revenue is coming in. It gives us a competitive advantage and the flexibility to provide customers with a solution that meets their needs.

Video: TSA Polycom Testimonial

Discover how GE Capital helped Polycom grow its telecommunications distributor network worldwide and how it grew TSA's sales of Polycom equipment by 32%.


Polycom® is the global leader in secure HD video and voice conferencing technology solutions. As a specialist manufacturer, Polycom relies on regional distributors such as Transition Systems Australia (TSA) to provide resellers with their latest product offering. By partnering with GE Capital, Polycom has been able to grow its distributor network around the world, whilst driving business success for partners like TSA.


Telecommunications is a highly competitive market. Manufacturers need to support the distribution of their product right through their network, especially when distributors compete for large projects that can have challenging payment schedules. With this in mind, Polycom recognised that offering finance in the supply chain would be a value-add to distributors and create vendor preference for its products. Polycom began looking for a finance partner who truly understood the technology industry and could deliver on the global stage.


GE Capital understands the complexity of the tripartite relationship between manufacturer, distributor and reseller. By applying its global expertise in technology, GE Capital developed a unique channel finance solution that improved liquidity through the supply chain, extended payment terms and grew TSA’s sales of Polycom equipment by 32%.

In just two years, the benefit for Asia-Pacific distributors has been immediate with the rise in incremental business far offsetting any cost of running the program. As David Rose, Polycom’s Director of Strategic Business Development explains, “They’re closing bigger deals, more complex deals and adding value right the way down to the end customer.” It’s a sentiment shared by Managing Director of TSA, Mike Beesley, "We’re ahead on our sales, and revenue is coming in. It gives us a competitive advantage and the flexibility to provide customers with a solution that meets their needs."

Aside from the advantages of improved cash flow and enhanced credit capacity, GE Capital has built flexibility into its channel finance solution so Polycom and TSA never miss an opportunity. It’s an approach best described by David himself, "GE Capital really align themselves to your business. Where clients have required certain payment plans, we’ve worked closely to customise the programs and close deals we wouldn’t normally have been able to close.

Following this success in Australia, Polycom is now working with GE Capital to extend the competitive advantage of channel finance to distributor partners in China, India and Singapore. 

Ultimately, it’s a success story built not just on finance, but on industry expertise and common business goals. As David says “It’s been a really exciting period for us working with GE Capital. There’s a real empathy towards our business. We’re all on the same page, we all have shared goals, and we’re all in it to win”.