Import Finance

Import Finance may give you greater and more transparent buying power and the ability to import more stock, more often without tying up working capital.

Judith White

Associate Director – Inside Sales Distribution Finance
+61 2 9324 7924

Judith White

What we offer

We have a team of cross-border and trade finance experts who can tailor a financial solution to meet your needs. And being part of GE, a company which operates in over 120 countries, we understand how it works.

We can provide a dedicated line of credit facility to handle your import requirements and access to cash to help ensure your international trade transactions are seamless.

Your line of credit facility is also a guarantee of early payment, which may give you access to supplier discounts. Our unique Letter of Acceptance (LOA) means we can work directly with the supplier and pay according to agreed terms.

All applications for finance are subject to satisfactory lending and credit criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. You should seek financial, legal, tax, accounting and other advice before considering whether the product is suitable for you.

How it works

Import Finance is a funding line used by a purchaser to cover the cost of bringing in goods which have been purchased from an overseas supplier.

Using such a facility gives both the purchaser and supplier more certainty and security when undertaking international trade transactions.

We can provide your business with a line of credit facility and work directly with your overseas supplier to facilitate payments. Whether it’s locally or globally, we have the capability to both import specific asset purchases, or fund the flow of goods across an entire distribution network. We will often only need security over the asset being purchased so there is no need to tie up other security as collateral. It is simple, clean and easy.

How you benefit

Partnering with us for your Import Finance needs provides a range of benefits.

  • Import finance may provide you with more buying power by allowing you to import more inventory, more often.
  • There may be no need to utilise property, cash or other collateral to support the transaction as often the asset itself is all we will need as security.
  • Eliminates the need to access your working capital to fund the shipping and transportation costs usually associated with importing inventory.
  • Dedicated importing team to streamline the payment while building relationships with both you and your suppliers.
  • Earlier supplier payments available on sight of Bill of Landing which may enable you to take advantage of suppliers’ early payment discounts