Channel Finance

Moving your products through the supply chain can have a big impact on your sales and market share. Tight liquidity within the supply chain can make this challenging. Channel Finance can free up cash flow in the supply chain and help keep your products moving.

Judith White

Associate Director – Inside Sales Distribution Finance
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Judith White

What we offer

We can tailor a Channel Finance solution to provide you with guaranteed payment whilst also enabling you to enhance your competitive market position by providing customers with extended payment terms.

We offer flexible channel finance solutions across a wide range of industries including: Technology, Electronics, Appliances, Lawn and Garden, Music and more.

Through our tailored financing solutions, suppliers and distributors are able to enhance their competitive market position by improving channel liquidity, outsourcing risk, facilitating growth and improving business operations and cash flow.

All applications for finance are subject to satisfactory lending and credit criteria. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. You should seek financial, legal, tax, accounting and other advice before considering whether the product is suitable for you.

How it works

Channel Finance is a tri-partite Scheduled Payment Program (SPP) based around bailment of assets that works to align payments with the cash conversion cycle of those assets.

We purchase inventory from the distributor and provide the inventory under bailment to the reseller(s) with extended terms linked to their cash cycle. Effective advance rate of 100% of the wholesale price is funded with an acquisition discount taken.

Payment is made on a day agreed with the manufacturer/distributor.

How you benefit

Partnering with us for your Channel Finance needs provides a range of benefits.

  • Channel Finance offers enhanced cash flow predictability and improved financial metrics resulting from payment certainty.
  • Improved sales opportunities as channel credit lines and extended payment terms help manufacturers and distributors meet customer demand and aligns their cash flow with customer’s payments.
  • Reduced risk as risk is essentially outsourced – relief from repayment risk.
  • Improved efficiency as consistent payments provide the ability to release capital invested in assets and improve balance sheet ratios.
  • Flexibility through varying repayment term options.